General information
You are visiting the website of Huisartsenpraktijk (general practitioner, g.p.) Jonkhoff. The practice/surgery is open for new patients depending on your postal code. If you want to register as a new patient please contact the practice/surgery on telephone number 023-525 15 00 or fill in the registration form (see below). If you are just visiting Haarlem (as a non-resident) and you are in need of medical care, you can also contact the assistant to make an appointment (see below).
Opening hours
You can contact the practice/surgery by telephone between 8:00 and 11.00 every week day. After 11 a.m. you can reach the surgery on 06 28476480 (mobile number) in case of emergency and only for problems that cannot wait until the next day. When you cannot reach the surgery on the mobile number, you can always contact the central doctor’s service on telephone number 0900-1515.
Our practise/surgery is closed on Thursday afternoon. On Thursday afternoon you can reach the g.p. on duty/on call by dialing 0900-1515.
In case of life threatening emergencies always call 112.
After office hours, so after 17.00 hour, you can reach the g.p. on duty/on call at telephone number: 023-224 25 26. They can answer your questions or decide you should be seen by the g.p. on duty/on call.
See your doctor
To see the g.p. you will have to make an appointment. For more information or to make an appointment, please call us on 023-525 15 00 and press 3. Calls will be answered between 08.00 am to 11.00 in the morning. If you call before 9.00 in the morning we can almost always make an appointment for the same day, if it is urgent. Please help us by being on time for your appointment. Please inform the practice/surgery, as soon as possible, if you cannot attend or wish to cancel an appointment. Please make separate appointments for each person you wish to be seen by the g.p. Please make a double appointment (20 minutes) if you have more time-consuming problems you want to discuss.
In case you need to see a doctor, but you are not able to visit the practice/surgery, the doctor can make a home visit. Home visits are only available for people who cannot visit the practice/surgery because of medical reasons. If you would like the doctor to make a home visit, please consult the assistant before 11.00 in the morning.
The assistant
Apart from all the administrative and some medical questions, the assistant can do other things for you. She can check your bloodpressure, check on diabetes, remove stitches, check urine samples for bladder infections, dress a wound, give injections etc. Please call 023 525 1500 before 11.00 in the morning, to make an appointment with the assistant.
In case of life threatening emergencies always call 112.
In case of NON life threatening emergencies you can call 023 525 1500 and press 1 between 8.00 and 17.00.
After office hours, so after 17.00 hour, you can reach the g.p. on duty/on call at telephone number: 023-224 25 26.
New Patient Registrations
We are currently accepting new patients, depending on your postal code. For registration you will be required to fill out a form (see below). You should  inform your previous huisarts/g.p that you registered as a patient at Huisartsenpraktijk Jonkhoff. Please collect your medical files at your previous huisarts/g.p. and bring it to our practice/surgery. Once you have registered with the practice/surgery please help us by letting us know if anything changes in your personal circumstances such as, change of insurance company, change of address, change of telephone number, change of email-address etc.

Registration form (LINK)

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